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Your Top Tax Resource for Real Estate Professionals and Investors

Real estate ownership and investing is a major tax planning strategy for salaried, self-employed and retired individuals. Our clients include many residential and commercial real estate professionals, including agents and mortgage brokers. This deep industry knowledge base allows us to understand and plan for the needs of real estate owners and investors.

Our Services

Creative Strategies to Optimize Your Taxes

Berger and Associates reviews your taxes and helps provide the best solution to help your money stay in your pocket. We work with you to reduce your tax liability. We recommend tax strategies to maximize your income, after taxes. We hold educational seminars to educate our clients about the latest news and changes in the law. 

Tax Preparation and Advice

Berger and Associates provides tax preparation and advice for its clients. We use the latest technology to prepare you taxes safely and securely.

Accounting Services

Berger and Associates provides accounting services for businesses, particularly micro-businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups. With the new tax laws, you need an expert to help guide you through today's complicated regulations. We will make sure you get all the deductions you are entitled to. 

Tax Planning

Berger and Associates specializes in tax planning for businesses,   not-for-profits, and individuals. We can work with your business needs from set up, to planning, to filing; whether you have a sole proprietorship, S Corp, C Corp, or partnership. 

Hourly Consulting: For Those Who Just Need a Little Help

If you want to prepare your own tax returns, but require a little assistance, Berger and Associates offers hourly consulting and review by and experienced CPA.

Burman Berger, JD, CPA
Burman Berger is a life-long DC area resident, completing his undergraduate studies the University of Maryland, and receiving a law degree at the University of Maryland School of Law. While practicing law, Burman worked with a CPA firm that was setting up corporations for his clients. From this, Burman realized his desire was to work with taxes. He transitioned full-time to working at a CPA office, and returned to school to earn his Bachelor of Science in Accounting and then received his CPA license. After nearly 13 years of working as a tax accountant and manager, he opened his own firm in 2018. 

Burman and his wife Deborah have four children. He is currently Treasurer of the Luxmanor Citizens Association, and is an avid runner and softball player.

Burman utilizes his experience both as an attorney and CPA to help advise his clients and guide them to plan for their future. He is passionate about taxes and helping his clients. He is happy to help you whether you live in the DC Metropolitan Area, or anywhere in the United States and throughout the world.

 Burman is a great CPA who knows what he's doing. He has been helpful to many of my clients and I have received good feedback from them. He also a great guy and a great family man. Tyler H.
Burman has been an excellent resource for all of our tax preparation needs.  Andrew W.
Burman provided excellent information regarding the 2019 tax year and I was very impressed with the method he used to convey the information! He discussed ideas I hadn't thought of and I am very grateful!  Lisa E.
Burman is top notch. I have used him for tax planning for more years than I can remember. He is careful and efficient. He is also fast. Please do not hesitate to give him a try.  Philip R.
Knowledge of the tax laws and changes is what you want in a CPA. Burman Berger brings his "A" game. Seriously, when it is your money at stake, go with someone you know you can trust. Burman provides solid tax knowledge. He knows his math too! He runs some seminars every once in a while too. I attended one recently - Highly recommended.  Mitch B.
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Berger & Associates LLC
6105 Rosemont Circle, Rockville, MD 20852
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